day 48: crafty kiddos/ minnie mouse birthday pin wheel garland/banner!




1. Cut two strips of paper in equal size. 2. Accordion fold both. 3. Place both pieces together on the table, face up. Push them in, and turn them on their side to staple them in the middle. 4. Fan them back out, and secure their sides by taping them. Double sided tape works like a gem, and scrap book paper is super fun, as are music sheets, and pictures decorated by your little ones.

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• Project: day 48: crafty kiddos/ minnie mouse pin wheel birthday garland/banner!
Difficulty rating (1=easiest, 5= way too hard!): 2
• Would I do it again? yes, it was pretty easy, very cute, and could easily be done for any holiday. There are so many great cardstocks out there that have great themes to theme: Halloween, Christmas, birthdays, you name it!
• What I would do differently: my DCWV paper was almost out, so I only could do one pink pin wheel! I will either take it out for Morgan’s birthday, or go buy some more pink to add into her Minnie Mouse theme!
• Items used: DCWV Glitter Cardstock pack (Michael’s), twine (Hobby Lobby), scissors, tape, stapler, and clothespins

until ipinterest tomorrow!
Karie J 🙂

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