day 68: baking away/ minnie mouse cupcakes, super easy!





Source: via Karie on Pinterest

Project: day 68: baking away/ minnie mouse cupcakes, super easy!
  • Difficulty rating (1=easiest, 5= way too hard!): 1
  • Would I do it again? yes, they turned out so cute, were very yummy, and were too easy to not do!
  • What I would do differently:  nothing!
  • Items used: polka-dot cupcake liners, strawberry cake mix by Pillsbury, Pillsbury cream cheese frosting, regular Oreos, mini oreos

Until ipinterest tomorrow!

Karie J 🙂

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    • I piped them through with cake decorating icing and a very small tip, but I think the one with pinterest was done with pre-made fondant r candy bows, I just couldn’t find them, so I made my own! They didn’t turn out as uniform, but they still tasted good! Thanks for checking it out!

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