day 69: organizational chaos/ kids seasonal book organization/storage idea with free printable labels!





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  • Project: day 69: organizational chaos/ kids seasonal book organization/storage idea with free printable labels!
  • We’ll keep the off-season books in the garage so the books are fresh for the girls when we rotate them through. There will still be plenty of books that didn’t quite fit into the seasonal category, which I will most likely organize by genre/theme, but at least this keeps them a bit more manageable! Thanks to my best friend Jackie for this idea, as well as Pinterest! 🙂
  • Difficulty rating (1=easiest, 5= way too hard!): 1; easy to do, but you just need to dedicate the time, and be willing to get rid of some books while you’re at it!
  • Would I do it again? yes. I will definitely try to go through each bin once (maybe twice) per year. We LOVE books, so it’s hard to part with some of them, but necessary to keep our life a bit sane!
  • What I would do differently: should have done this sooner! I started out a while ago organizing by author, subject, theme; which is great to do, but when you have as many books as we do (see the picture with our overflowing bookshelf), not to mention all of my teaching books from 9 years of teaching, you need another organizational tip to keep track of it all!
  • Items used: free printable book labels (which can be used for anything you want to organize, really!) from:
  •  Avery sticker sheet labels, Rubber Maid Totes, and trash bags for donating any extra unwanted books!

Until ipinterest tomorrow!

Karie J 🙂

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