day 117: organizational chaos/ spring cleaning/ front load washer deep clean






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Until ipinterest tomorrow!

Karie J 🙂

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    • I actually didn’t know either until we moved into a new house and there was a front load washer. Everything we had heard about front loaders was that you actually had to clean them often to keep the rubber liner from getting moldy, who knew?! Thanks for checking it out!

  1. I always thought mine cleaned itself; it always looks clean on the inside. I have enough to do with deep cleaning it. The sun is shining again in England and telling me I must clean the kitchen and bathroom! At least I enjoy cooking, if not cleaning.

  2. hi karie, i was wondering if you have used the affresh tablets before. and if you have, if you prefer this method or if you would do this in addition to the tablets. thanks!! =)

      • i actually didn’t realize that there was a homemade recipe to clean your washing machine until just a few days ago – i think i saw it on your pinterest board – and have been using affresh for a while. so far, it’s worked great. i also make sure to keep the door open for a full day hoping that helps. but i haven’t actually looked in the rubber portion to make sure there isn’t any mold or mildew. i will say this, though, it’s faster and less elbow grease, but maybe more expensive. (sorry for the long winded response.) =)

  3. I guess I need to add this to my cleaning list! It does sound like it will take hours to do, but at least it doesn’t sound like a lot of scrubbing time, just waiting time. One load of laundry takes an hour+ to run in my washer!

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