wear it wednesday: super simple side pony; great for moms!



one of my favorite pictures; priceless!

super simple mommy side pony! Definitely not as cute as Morgan’s ballerina bun though 😉


Source: instyle.com via Karie on Pinterest

Source: google.com.au via Karie on Pinterest

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  • Project: wear it wednesday: super simple side pony; great for moms!
  • Difficulty rating (1=easiest, 5= way too hard!): 1
  • Time: 2 minutes… so quick!
  • Would I do it again? I do this a lot, so I thought I would share!
  • What I would do differently: dress it up for a night out with the hubs
  • Items used: clear elastics; love these!

Have you done anything from Pinterest lately? What’s inspiring you?
I hope you were inspired as much as I was. If not, click on “Recommend a Pin” above and I would love to hear any suggestions you might have!
Until ipinterest again!

Karie J


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  1. My friends and I noticed a couple seasons ago on the Bachelor that all of the women had side ponies. We would always get together to watch, so one time we all sported side ponies. Very fun! Also, I love a side pony on a plane. Regular pony tails can hurt when your head is resting! Fun post! Thanks!

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