Wear it Wednesday: fit momma: My 15 minute Insanity Workout with Dr. Oz and Shaun T.!



My 15 minute Insanity Workout with Dr. Oz and Shaun T.!


Source: doctoroz.com via Karie on Pinterest

• Project: Wear it Wednesday: fit momma: My 15 minute Insanity Workout with Dr. Oz and Shaun T.!
• Difficulty rating (1=easiest, 5= way too hard!): 3 possibly a 4!
• Time: 15 minutes! Amazing!
• Would I do it again? Most definitely, and yes, this is a picture of me right after I completed the workout, so disregard the “glistening look”.
I really like that it was only 15 minutes. It’s so hard to squeeze in a workout with 2 little ones home from school. I typically like to go on a run, hike, or go do yoga, all of which take a lot longer than little ones can usually take, so this 15 min workout is just what I need on tight days!
• What I would do differently: The first time I did it I really got winded! I toned it down on a few reps, but the next time I kicked it up a level. Like Shaun T. says, its ok to slow down or take a break, just as long as you do more the next day!
• Items used: my MacBook with Dr. Oz’s video with Shaun T’s 15 minute Insanity workout ( doctoroz.com ) and Lululemon gear (my favorite!).

Have you done anything from Pinterest lately? What’s inspiring you?
I hope you were inspired as much as I was. If not, click on “Recommend a Pin” above and I would love to hear any suggestions you might have!
Until ipinterest again!

Karie J


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  11. I just did the 15 minute video and the goal/hopes is to do it every day. I was ding p90x for 2 months now and although the results are amazing I sometimes miss a day because of how long they can be. I will post any results in a week

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